January 17th, 2013
Doors open at 6:00 PM


Thursday, January 17
The Saint (First Note), Tickets: $8adv/$12dos...Doors: 5pm
Asbury Lanes (LOD Bowl-A-Thon), Tickets: $15adv/$20dos...Doors: 7pm
Wonder Bar, Tickets: $10...Doors: 8pm
Friday, January 18
The Saint (LOD-Rock-Hard), Tickets: $8adv/$12dos...Doors: 8pm
Asbury Lanes (Rich Russo's "Anything, Anything"), Tickets: $20...Doors: 7pm
Wonder Bar (LOD's Open Mic), Tickets: $10...Doors: 6pm
McLoone's Supper Club (Tribute to Abbey Road), Tickets: TBA...Doors: 5pm
Stone Pony (Asbury Angels dedication), Tickets: $25-$45...Doors: 6pm
Saturday, January 19
The Saint (Rosie's Cafe), Tickets: $10...Doors: Noon
The Saint (LOD Rocks), Tickets: $8adv/$12dos...Doors: 8pm
Asbury Lanes (LOD Indie), Tickets: $10...Doors: 8pm
Wonder Bar (Asbury Blues), Tickets: $15...Doors: Noon
Wonder Bar (LOD's Full Tilt Boogie Bash), Tickets: $12...Doors: 8pm
McLoone's (LOD Kids 1), Tickets: $10...Doors: Noon
McLoone's Supper Club (Marc Ribler & Friends: Rockin' The Free World - Protest Songs That Rock), Tickets: $10adv/$15dos...Doors: 6pm, Show: 7:30pm
Stone Pony (Asbury Blues), Tickets: $15...Doors: Noon
Stone Pony (Gin Blossoms),Tickets: $22adv/$25dos...Doors: 7pm
Paramount Theater (Main Event), Tickets: $34-$275...Doors: 6 pm
Sunday, January 20
The Saint (Musicians on a Mission), Tickets: $10...Doors: Noon
Watermark (Songwriters By The Sea), Tickets: $15...Noon-3pm
Dauphin Grille (Songwriters By The Sea), Tickets: $15... 3-6pm
McLoone's Supper Club (Songwriters By The Sea), Tickets: $20...6-9pm
The Saint (Last Note), Tickets: $8adv/$12dos...Doors: 8pm
Monday, January 21
Toast (Last Bite) Brunch and Song!!!...llama


Asbury Lanes, 209 Fourth Ave. (18+)

The Saint, 601 Main St. (18+)

Stone Pony, 913 Ocean Ave. (No age restrictions)

Wonder Bar, 1213 Ocean Ave. (Day-No age restrictions. Night-21+)

McLoone's Supper Club, 1200 Ocean Ave. (No age restrictions)

Watermark, 800 Ocean Ave. (No age restrictions)

Langosta Lounge, 1000 Ocean Ave. (No age restrictions)

All venues are in Asbury Park

For more information contact:

Jean Mikle jmikle@aol.com

Bob Benjamin bob.benjamin@lightofday.org