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Light of Day Europe 2022 - Sponsors and Underwriting Donations

November 23, 2022 - Light of Day Europe - Sponsors and Underwriting Donations:

As many of you know and have been seeing, Light of Day Europe' 22 is ready to roll starting this week after enduring a three year hiatus due to the pandemic.
This year there will be 15 shows in 8 Countries as Jeffrey Gaines, Ben Arnold, Miss Emily, Rob Dye and Myself will head out to perform concerts in our ongoing fight against Parkinson's disease, ALS and PSP. The cast will also be joined by Elliott Murphy for four shows in Italy as well as various Artists in different countries as we perform together as this has become a tradition of our Light of Day Europe Family. I don't use that word lightly!!!

We are offering up a chance to donate/asking for help for "underwriting" portions of the tour to help with the costs.
Partial amounts and any size donations help the tour along!

For many years, Light of Day Europe was extremely fortunate (and thankful!) to have underwriting from a wonderful and generous couple that lived in the San Francisco area and LOD Europe could never have grown to what it is today without their incredible help. With so many worthy causes out there, we are extremely thankful to Ken and Anna for ALL their help over the years!!

As we enter into LOD Europe '22, we thought it would be more palatable to list the expenses similar to a GoFundMe or Kickstarter event.
All donations are tax deductible and Light of Day will supply donation letters to all supporters.

We have separated the categories into 3 main areas which are 1) Flights 2) Hotels 3) Van Rentals.

LOD is extremely thankful to the cities/shows where hotels are donated to LOD as this really helps keep touring costs down as you can imagine!

Donations can be made by PayPal at: or by check or bank wire.
Or click on:

Please contact Jean Mikle/LOD Treasurer (her email at is for more information if needed.

Many thanks for ANY and all help you may lend and please feel free to send over any questions.

All my best,
Light of Day Europe 2022
Joe D'Urso/Tour Director, Performer and President of LOD Board of Directors

Cost Below are approximately $22,000 in addition to Items that have already been Sponsored.

Sponsorships in CAPS below
Various Donations here: Robert Rizzuti, Carter Stanley...

11/27 - Dublin to Birmingham - 506 Euros/ $526 USD (5 people - $105.20 each) DONATED by Rob Dye
11/30- London to Zurich - 759 Euros / $789 (6 people - $131.50 each) DONATED By Roy Appleby
12/6 - Milan to Dusseldorf - 788 Euros / $819 (6 people - $131.33 each)
12/8 - Hamburg to Oslo - $445 (5 people - $89 each)
12/1-5 - Paris to Milan round trip 530 Euro / $552 - 1 person
11/25 - 12/13 - Transatlantic flights for LOD Europe - $4,622.48 ($770.41 per person/ 740 Euro per person)

Vans: 7-9 passenger vehicles
11/26 - Dublin - 1 DAY - $200 - DONATED TOM MCCORMACK
11/27-11/30 - Birmingham to London - arranged by Carol Messenger
11/30-12/6 - Zurich to Milan - 7 DAYS - $1,954
12/6-12/8 - Dusseldorf to Hamburg - 2 DAYS - $437
12/8-12/12 - Olso to Copenhagen - arranged by Kjetil Bull
12/12-12/13 - Copenhagen to Hamburg - arranged by Rasmus Barthel


Dublin - $675 USD/695 Euro - DONATED by Ronan O'Kelley
Leicester - DONATED by Carol Messenger
London - $590 - DONATED BY Alan Lovett
Piove di Sacco - $630
Trieste - $843
Lugo - supplied
Figino Serenza - supplied night #1
Figino Serenza - $600 night # 2
Stemwede - DONATED
Melle - DONATED by Reiner Borgmeyer
Lillestrom - $800
Oskarshamn - DONATED
Malmo - partial donation by hotel - remaining $300
Copenhagen - $560
Dorphof - DONATED by Ras and Petra Barthel

Various Miscellaneous:
PA/Sound - Dublin - 250 Euro - DONATED BY RONAN O'KELLEY
Sound - Copenhagen - $420
Outside Production Copenhagen - $1,400
Extra Baggage costs: $500
Guitars on plane costs: $500
Gas & Tolls: $700
UK Work Papers: $320
Miscellaneous: $500
Per Diem: $3,000 (meal money for artists on tour for 3 weeks/7 people)

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Golf 'Fore' Parkinson's Golf Outing
October 14th, 2024
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Light of Day would like to thank all of the performers who have dedicated their talents for supporting our fight against Parkinson's.

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Utilizing the awesome power of music to raise money and awareness in our continuing battle
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