January 20, 2019

Stone Pony
Asbury Park, NJ
United States

Doors Open: 12:00 PM
Show Starts: 12:30 PM

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Update with new time slots

12:15-1:00          Rockit

1:00-1:15  Avery Rose

1:15-2:10  Rock'n Music Academy

2:10-2:25  Double A

2:25-2:55  School of Rock

2:55-3:10  Julia Fleming

3:10-3:40  The Nobodies

3:40-3:55  Sophia Montalbano

3:55-4:10  Evan Rotella

4:10-4:25  Jake Sfraga

4:25-4:35  Sunsets From Jupiter

4:35-5:05  Dress Code

5:05-5:20  Ezra Caspi

5:20-5:50  Indigo Mane

5:55-6:25  Ham By The Pound

6:30-7:00  Vendetta Rose

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